Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Jane Castro and I am a certified beautician as well as an aesthetician. I am married. I am blessed with two gorgeous children and I am grateful to have you members of my community that are currently studying this article, and want to know more about me.

I am grateful to all of you for making my life possible make it all the way to where I am today, through the challenges I had to face when I became a blogger. At first, I believed that there was not far when I’d give up. It was at that point that you all stood by me I knew you were my strength, and you did not allow me to slack off. You trusted in me, and I was able to earn it. So, here I am and it’s all due to your affection.

After all of those difficulties and being too busy with everything that brought me to this point, I realized I hadn’t told my wonderful people know about me much information until now, and although I don’t spend enough time with my children growing up and my site decided that my readers need to be aware of me and why not be able to share the details of my “success story”, (haha.. Don’t take it too seriously) I wanted to share my story with you all and so I set aside a the time to write a little about myself to those who may be interested to learn more about me.

This was like an opening, so let’s bring us back to the good old times of my life. Yes I’m talking about my high school. It might surprise you to learn that I was not the biggest fan of cosmetics or skincare, and all. A bit of a nerd sure, I was more into nerdy stuff than being a model. But I didn’t see any of this was a mandatory aspect of my life until Henry arrived, my the first true love in my life, and you know what it’s like experiencing butterflies in your stomach , and blank mind and no ability to think about anything else.

That’s when I was thinking that I must look attractive superior to everyone else so that he would comes just to me alone. It was a bit of a flimsy thought, thinking like a normal high school student. This was the time I began learning about various things. Cosmetics, skin care hair care, skin care, all of it was the perfect idea and soon I began to enjoy it. I was spending money on myself and looking great. Even though Henry did not show up but that’s a different part of the tale, making Clark the father of my two adorable children.

Henry was in love with another girl, and I was never able to share with him how I feel . I had to let goof him, but my passion for makeup never diminished following that. I was always learning and absorbing new products and facts I discovered each day. After my high school years, and when I became into college, I became so obsessed with everything and decided to learn more about self-care, skincare and beauty products as well as what products and services to use.

This was when I attended an the additional course and workshop, which is known by the name of “You are beautiful, all you got to do is present it”.

Following that, I completed a brief diploma and received a course from the renowned beauty therapist Laura Claire who trained me herself. How lucky. There’s still many things I don’t know but one can learn by doing, so I was thinking I could open my private beauty salon to assist people who are just beginning to learn about this field and who want to look beautiful and confident.

When I first started my own clinic I had no idea that I’d be able to begin a blog in the future and that’s precisely what I was thinking about makeup while still in school. Now, now I’m here. I have a desire of sharing with as many people everything I know about it as I am able to. There aren’t many people who have enough time for all of these classes and diplomas, or even short classes, but everyone desires to be beautiful, and that’s why we should!

"Stay stunning and keep mesmerizing others! "